OM Label in London

Fashion Design, Textile Design

Relocating to London to work in fashion and the media and to promote my design’s, I learnt, if you work in a creative industry, the best approach is to do everything yourself initially. Only collaborate with professionals who are qualified and already established in their field of expertise as a serious pursuit. 

While freelancing as a Graphic Designer for retailers Jimmy Choo and Agent Provocateur in the UK, I designed a fashion collection of digitally printed silk womenswear garments. 

The silk was sourced from a supplier in India where the textile designs were printed and the garments were made in Melbourne. I designed a collection of six pieces in Melbourne and the follow-up collection of five pieces in London.

In terms of mass production, digital printing on fabric is costly, although advantageous for boutique orders. Digital fabric printing creates a bright, highly saturated level of colour and detail on the textile.

OM Label Singlet Top in pale pink celestial print. Fashion & Textile Designer, Lisa Engelhardt (2014)

OM Label

Graphic Design

I rebranded my original textile brand Orchis Morio to OM Label and redesigned the logo. OM Label is the synthesis of the ‘O’ from Orchis and the ‘M’ from Morio, making ‘OM’. I reduced the logo colour’s to black and white, as the neutral OM logo suits paired against a colourful textile, fashion piece, graphic or video.

In 2011, I continued designing fashion and textiles and began launching a series of mini clothing collection’s under my brand name OM Label.

OM Label logo. Graphic Designer, Lisa Engelhardt (2011)